What happens after you sleep study has completed?

After the completion of a sleep study at our facility, your results will be reviewed and scored by a registered polysomnographic technician (RPSGT). This scored study will then be passed onto our Board Certified Sleep Physician for final review and comment on the study and treatment paths available for the patient. 

Communicated results

Once the study has been completed, scored, and approved by our physicians, either our physician or clinical coordinator will contact the patient directly to communicate the results of the test and prescribed treatment plans if a sleep disorder has been discovered. The results of the testing will be either hand delivered or available by secure portal to your referring physician as well. Depending on the type of sleep disorder discovered, possible treatment could utilize medications, CPAP or BiPAP machine usage, surgery, or other options.

We monitor your progress

We want to ensure that you benefit from your study and course of treatment.We will be in regular contact with the patient to ensure proper compliance and to answer any questions that may come up along the way. Therapy adjustments can also be made on a regular basis to ensure high efficacy from the treatment.


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